Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thought: A 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th...) Opinion

I've spent some time over the last few months trying get more involved with the online writing community. De-lurk, as it were. I no longer just read blogs, tweets and forums, I comment, rally and conversate. My "circle o' writing peeps" I know has grown and I am grateful for that, though I've found my one lacking point.

This is where I am reaching out to you out there for suggestions / direction, whatever that may be.

I don't even know where to start beyond asking you guys for help. I'm looking for crit buddies/beta readers. I know there are a lot of websites out there and I've been poking around and trying to see if there is anything that looks worth trying out. (Have signed up for Critique Circle, etc.)

So how did you guys end up in your crit groups? With your crit buddies? Any advice?


Being Beth said...

Check out this site. They meet the 4th Monday of each month. Maybe you could go and through that you'd meet some local beta readers who know something about writing.

I know it may not be super close to your part of SLC, but once a month might be worth the drive.

That's how I found my crit. group. I joined a local writers group, and then 8 of us kind of broke off (though we still attend the original group) and formed a more intense group and started passing our novels around through a closed Yahoo group for deeper critique and support.

Good luck.

WindyA said...

Thanks, Beth!