Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Random Rollup

#1. This week's been a little wonky. Here in Utah we've got this little holiday called Pioneer Day. It's basically the day the pioneers decided to settle what would come to be known as Utah. July 24th every year. And in Utah, it's like Christmas and the Fourth of July put together--except BIGGER. Which is all fine and dandy, except when it falls in the middle of the week, as with any holiday falling in the middle of the week, it throws off all the routine of the entire week.

#2. The holiday's nice, leading to a 2-day work week at the day job, and while much of the rest of Utah is off gallivanting with me, I forget that it's not a holiday anywhere else in the world and that stuff still needs to get done. But now that it's Friday, let's get us back to schedule with a general Friday, Happy Dance!

#3. The Avengers is on Netflix. Do you know what this does to my productivity? Revisions seem to be taking just a little bit longer, because I just can't pass up hanging with Iron Man and the gang! I thought I was doing pretty good since I finished watching all the available episodes of both Supernatural and Fringe in the last few weeks. 

#4. Something awesome: sharing eats with friends! The lovely Nichole Giles is visiting from Texas this week and we had a chance to get together for dinner, share some food, and just catch up in general. Thanks for making some time for me in your busy visiting schedule, Nichole!

#5. I've finally discovered the delicious properties of steamed artichokes. I've never made them before and was a bit nervous as to how to go about it, but thanks to some helpful friends and easy to follow web instructions, the family and I have found that we LOVE artichokes, especially dipped in melted butter or a yum mayo+balsamic vinegar sauce. Oh, the goodness...
All right, well hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Stina said...

I didn't know Utah has that holiday. I hate it when holidays fall in the middle of a week. What's with that????

Hope you're having a great summer, Windy!

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