Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recent Read: Wintergirls

Book: Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
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This was a pickup based on some reviews from others on Goodreads and a couple other author blogs I follow. It had me curious. The issue of eating disorders comes up now and again, usually when a celebrity or some sort of celebutante lands themselves in some sort of rehab, but Wintergirls came out as the news has been eerily quiet on the issue.

The story of Lia, a girl who had a deal with her best friend Cassie about who would be the skinniest. After Cassie's death, Lia's still trying to win the deal. Having been in treatment for anorexia twice before, Lia knows the tricks to beating the scale. She's figured out most of the ways to beat the system. As Cassie's ghost haunts her, egging her on the deadly path to become the skinniest, it's clear that Lia isn't interested in another stint in treatment, she just wants to be the skinniest.

Weight and self-image are such big issues in American society, it's difficult for anyone, male or female, young or old, to truly escape it. Isn't that why people get Botox injections? A nip here, a tuck there? Aren't there so many pills, diets, workout regiments and special cleansing treatments out there purely to assist people in improving their images, internal or external?

As with Lia, giving in sometimes becomes easier. Then it just becomes routine and who you are. Eventually it starts to wear on all those around you, your friends and family, and everyone suddenly wants to help. When they weren't interested before. But you can only be helped if you're ready.

Wintergirls is a story about Lia and her battle with anorexia. It is also a story about a family’s journey to recovery and finding out that when something like anorexia is waging a battle against one person, it will take the whole family to win the war.
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