Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WiP Wednesday: Flying with My Muse

Long time no real post. *sighs*

Traveling for work is not nearly as glamorous as it is on TV, although I was upgraded roundtrip on my flights last week. SWEET!!
On my flight out to Jersey this week? It was like a 35,000 feet crash back to reality: Coach. Middle seat. Uh, yeah. I will forever appreciate every single upgrade I ever get from now on. FOREVER. I couldn't even bust out the pen and notebook to write in coach. It was that cramped. I'm only 5'1" tall and my knees were touching the back of the seat in front of me! And then the person reclined her seat! Uh, Hello, nice to meet you.

Okay, enough about that. On to my WiP...

So on the upgraded flights I was able to get quite a bit of writing done. 42 pages in my notebook to be exact. I've been trying to write whenever I get a chance, but being on the road has made it so that when I was home over the weekend, I just wanted to hang out with the family. Reasonable, I think. Gotta be realistic about the priorities. Plus, we didn't have the internet (we just switched providers) and so I already knew I was going to be behind on my forum reading and #RSthrowdown updates, so I figured I'd just wait until I wasn't taking anymore time from the kiddies.

Back to my 42 pages. I haven't typed them in yet, so no idea how many words that may be. And then on the flip side, when I was able to get some catching up done in the hotel yesterday, I edited instead of wrote. My brain was a little fried. A bit like Tuesday after a whole day of training. But I did get something writing-worthwhile out of the training. The last segment of Tuesday's session was all around the 2-minute pitch. Or the elevator speech. So something I can definitely apply to the whole query/pitch etc. thing on the writing side. See, I knew there was a reason I NEEDED to come to this training. *winks*
Okay, for now, that's it. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


ElanaJ said...

Coolness on the writing. I'm glad you're back. Wait. Are you back?

Carolyn Kaufman said...

Wow. 42 pages!! Major kudos!

And I HATE when people recline their seats in front of me, and they always do. I don't think you should be able to do that on an airplane.