Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keeping Up - Just Barely

Weekend word count update: (Fri-Sun): 4610
Weekend Chapters edited: 4

In the interest of health, well-being and hanging out with my kiddies, I took an extra vacay day from the blog. That and I had so many technical difficulties yesterday, I was nervous to try anything more fancy than checking email and writing.

But I was productive. I swear. For a holiday weekend, it was crazy busy and I was still able to keep up with the #RSthrowdown and #wordathon, but I think all the late nights caught up to me Monday and I didn’t get hardly anything done on the 2 projects I’ve been focused on. (The rain outside is really just reminding me of how guilty I feel for already missing my goals and we’re not even an entire week into #RSthrowdown yet!)

Mostly, I write at night. Really late at night. So late sometimes, some would consider it early morning. My husband does. So I’m shifting my daily goal (500 words & 1 chapter edited) to look at it from the 24-hour perspective instead of a Monday-Tuesday-etc. time frame. We’ll see how it goes.

This forum has really helped me stay motivated and I'm thankful to ElanaJ for organizing and for everyone in the group for being so positive and supportive!

And finally, there were a few writing contests publicized throughout the past week. I’m sure you’re aware of all of them, but just as a refresher here are some links:

Miss Snark’s First Victim: Secret Agent (now closed – go critique when the postings go up!)

QueryTracker: One-Line Hook (now closed, I believe)

The Knight Agency: Book In A Nutshell (closes April 20)

Good luck to anyone who entered. Good luck to all my peeps in #RSthrowdown with your goals! I figure, I still have until 10 PM tonight to make my Monday night goal – lol!

See you on the next page!


Eric said...

Congrats on your writing so far, and keep it up. You're really doing well.

Lady Glamis said...

Good luck with your goals! I feel like I'm barely keeping up as well. April always seems super busy.

Thank you for the links!

james oh said...

Focus on your goal and you will do very well. Hope to learn from you. Look forward to your guidance and advice, thank you in advance,