Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Change of Plans

New words (since last update post): 0
Chapters edited (since last update post): 11

I'm falling a bit behind on the blog. Must come from having spent this past weekend stretched a bit too thin!

Friday night worked with HsJ Entertainment to put on a charity even too benefit the Lupus Foundation. Thanks to everyone who came out to support and make the event a success!

Saturday we had a family wedding. Traditional Laotion weddings begin early in the morning with the ceremony at the bride's home. In the evening there is a reception that runs until super late. So 2 nights in a row of not getting home until 2 AM. Seriously, I'm too old for this.

Sunday was a catch up day. On sleep mostly. I did get in a good chunk of editing and also got some reading in too. Keep an eye out for some new Recent Reads posts!

This made me think about my priorities a bit more and at least for the week, I revamped my #RSthrowdown goal. I am focusing on the editing side of things for JM. I've received a lot of good input from critiques and as it typically is, when you're the writer, you get so close with your projects, you can't really see what needs to be fixed. Luckily, I've had a few people who've given me the proverbial slap on the back of the head and brought me to my senses. So I'm hoping as I work through this round of revisions, JM will get the love it needs and end up in a better place. Hopefully by next week things will have calmed down enough and my brain will be back to fully functional and I can make up for lost time on the writing side. I feel like I'm neglecting 4LW.

Well, have a great day, all. See you on the next page.


KLo said...

I have a very hard time setting writing goals for myself. Writing for me is sort of like a drinking binge (not a very happy analogy, but the best I can come up with at the moment) that comes out of the clear blue sky, then I'm writing and doing nothing but writing ... until I stop. And it's weird, but I get hundreds and hundreds of quality pages during that time, but when I'm not in the right frame of mind ... nothing.

I need to work on setting goals and spacing myself, which seems to work pretty well for you : )

Eric said...

Ouch, sorry you're so busy til the early morning hours. I'm glad you're on the Throwdown though, so don't stop, k?

T. Anne said...

I feel like I need to set more goals for myself. Although keeping up with the ones I have seems to be a challenge

WindyA said...

This is the first time in my life I've ever set any kind of quantitative goal for myself around my writing, but thanks to a really supportive group of writers, I've been able to keep up for the most part.

Support system is key!