Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Wondering

Right now I’m lying across the bed in my hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico listening to the sounds of the distant highway traffic mingle with the Atlantic Ocean as it slaps up against the rocky shore below my balcony. Current temperature outside? 78 degrees F. Current temperature inside? 78 degrees F. Just the way I like it.

Moving on . . . I started thinking about my wondering for this week days ago. Just fleeting thoughts. I should have written them down. The moment I sat down in front of the computer I was at a loss. What was I wondering?

I closed my eyes and the first thing that came to mind? Frogs. The tiny little poisonous dart kind that leap around in the jungle? Yeah, those ones. What the . . . I don’t know where that thought came from either. What was this followed by? The weather (as always), books (keep an eye out for more Recent Reads), the fam (missing S & the kiddies), and then, when I closed my eyes again to try to come up with something else, there was a lull in the traffic noise filled by the sound of waves crashing below and I had an epiphanous (is that a word?) moment.

Inspiration is a fickle thing, coming when it wants, leaving when it feels like it. I always wonder how I can catch a little ray of it and keep it in my back pocket for day when the only thing that comes to me are thoughts of poisonous dart frogs.

When I started writing again I still remember the moment. The raw emotion I felt that I had to get something down on paper. Within a few days, I had more than hundred pages typed out. A few weeks after that, another hundred pages. In 6 months I had written more than I had in the previous 10 years.

All it took was one moment. Hearing the right thing. The right time. Feeling it. Knowing it.

A few things that inspire me?
1) The fam
2) Music—a little bit of every genre
3) The ocean
4) That singular moment of a quiet deep breath when no one else is around
5) A perfect tall half-caf mocha latte with a shot of vanilla and whip cream (mmmmm . . .)
Oh, yeah . . .

6) And poisonous dart frogs. Especially the red ones.

What about you?

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