Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WiP Wednesday

Okay, I’m changing up Wednesdays.

From Wonderings to WIP. Why, you ask? Well, firstly, because I can ;-) and secondly, because I wonder all the time. Forcing myself to keep them to Wednesdays only is working to my detriment, so I will be jumping on the WIP bandwagon. I’ll admit it.

As I did with Twilight and Harry Potter, I’m not above jumping on the bandwagon when I see fit.

So, WIP. . . well, for starters, here’s my current #RSthrowdown update:

New words: 685 (before I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap.)
Chapters edited: 1 ½

As I’ve said before, I guess I don’t write like a lot of others out there. I’ve tried to go chronologically, but it turns out it looks more like a very rough “strawman” outline. So now, I just write what comes to me and then I plug it in where it looks like it should go. (Cut & Paste is totally my friend here.)

Clearly, I have a long ways to go on the editing side, but sometimes things come to me later in the game. Rarely do I start projects with what Chapter 1 ends up being. In fact, in my last 3 projects, I believe Chapter 1 was one of the last, if not the actual last chapter I wrote.

So as I’ve been editing the later chapters in JM and writing new stuff for 4LW I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the first chapters of each. JM’s first chapter has recently undergone major revisions and it was the actual last thing I wrote for that project. I’m still getting some great feedback on it.

With 4LW it’s been a little more difficult, as the structure and style it is written in is very different from what I’ve done in the past. So we’ll see what becomes of this.

Well, happy day to everyone (especially those in rainy/snowy Utah dealing with the insane weather).


T. Anne said...

I always find that the first forty or so pages of my novel are in dire need of major editing, dare I say a complete rewrite. I think because the voice doesn't come in clear until after that point for me. Good luck on your editing!

Lady Glamis said...

*looks out window and grumbles about the dumb weather*

It's crazy!

Wow, I have never tried to write like that before. Perhaps I should try and then maybe Chapter 1 wouldn't be such a pain in the butt! Do you find that beginnings and endings of your novels are as hard when you don't write chronologically?

WindyA said...

Hey Glams,

I guess I'm some kind of anomaly or something, because I've heard from other writers before that they steadfastly stick to going 1 chapter at a time - in order.

Personally, I think it does make Ch1 & endings become easier writing out of order. The first chapter is still difficult, but it is usually one of the last things I write so I have a more clear idea of who my MC is and what I want to say in that first chapter. And endings, I definitely think it makes it easier if you already know. If I know, it just becomes more about figuring out how to get there. I think the saying goes "have the end in mind"?

Good luck!

Eric said...

My current WIP, I wrote an entire chapter first that ended up moving to like chapter 4 or something. I have always worried though that writing in clumps like that would hurt my story, so here's hoping that doesn't end up being true. Since its my first draft and completely unpolished, I won't know until I get done with draft 2 probably.