Friday, April 3, 2009

2 Cents: QueryFail/AgentFail

I got back from Puerto Rico late last night/early this morning. The flight in from Atlanta was delayed due to thunderstorms in Jacksonville. Correlation? Our pilots were flying the plane coming from Jacksonville. What was supposed to be a 15 minute delay turned into 45 minutes . . . and sometime just before 2 A.M. MST I finally walked into the house.

Puerto Rico was great, but exhausting. Work trips always are. They aren't site-seeing trips, so the most I saw of the beach was what was out my hotel room window, or through the back doors of the lobby as I was hurrying to the car each morning. If I go back, I'll have to plan an extra day. On a separate note, on the last night there, there was some weird bug in my room, buzzing and itching woke me up and that was what led to my trip to the Insta-care this morning. Diagnosis? I was allergic. To something. Puerto Rico? I hope not. The food (YUM!)? I hope not. The bug? Yeah, probably. Now I'm on a couple meds for it and the doc said it would get worse before it got better. Yay, because I look super cute with hives and a big red nose.

On the flip side, as I said, I did finish a couple books on the flight down there. I don't like to give my opinions until I've read a book through twice, so I'm working on my re-readings now and a Recent Read update will be coming soon.

In un-Puerto Rico and my own novel reading news . . . #queryfail and #agentfail are everywhere. My thoughts? #queryfail on Twitter back a few weeks ago was snarky, constructive and some-what instructional "what not to do" comments. The feedback that was posted on #agentfail based on Jessica Faust's post on the BookEnds blog didn't seem so much along those lines. I thought they weren't witty or snarky comments told in 140 characters including hashtag; most of the comments posted in response to Jessica's blog came across as outright mean and I don't think that has ever been anyone's intent, on either side. There is just frustration on both sides and no clear way to mitigate that. What's the cliche? You can't please all the people all the time? It's just the way life goes. You're going to get frustrated, you're going to get upset, you're going to throw things and need to vent. You can do this without being mean.

When it comes down to it, I will follow the next installment of #queryfail --> Query Fail 2: Queries Never Die not because agents are being snarky or mean, but because I want to make sure I don't do what I shouldn't. It isn't hard to follow instruction. Count this as constructive criticism and move on with your day. As a writer, if you took all critique to heart, why on Earth would you ever want to be published? It would just be a daily heartbreak for you and personally, I don't think that would lead to a very fulfilling life.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.

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